The workshop organizers are seeking sponsors and industrial support for awarding exceptional contributions and offer the best stage for the event in terms of additional activities. The organizers offer a large spectrum of sponsorship and associated benefits:

Benefits Types of Sponsorships
Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
IDR 25.000,000 IDR 20.000.000 IDR 15.000.000 IDR 10.000.000
1. Logo at workshop web site and link to the sponsor site
2. Logo on the cover page of workshop material book
3. Company information, brochures, or other materials distributed to attendees
4. Workshop banner at the registration desk and session rooms
5. Two waived workshop registration fees for sponsor’s representatives
6. One presentation of choice from a sponsor representative
7. Welcome address during opening ceremony
8. Workshop awards in the name of the sponsor

Submission of offered grants

All the grants will be considered and accepted, providing they are clearly indicating other special clauses that are not listed among the sponsor benefits. Contrary, the workshop organizers understand that the sponsor endorses the offered sponsorship program. The organizers expect a sponsorship offer at least 1 month ahead of the workshop.

Please send the Sponsorship Form to the grant logistics at to the Committee Chair:

Nurul Gusriani,M.Si , Department of Mathematics FMIPA Universitas Padjadjaran

Phone/Fax: +62 22 7794696, Mobile/WA : +62 818-0621-1199,  E-mail: gusriani99@gmail.com

Sponsors’ grants All sponsor grants must be sent to the address indicated in the final agreement, once the grant is offered. The sponsor’s participation must be granted and financially covered 2 weeks before the workshop deadline. When you select a level of sponsorship, please indicate in the Sponsorship Form the level of support. All sponsor grants must be sent to the following bank

Virtual Account number 988 234 054 050 10 16,


Name of Bank BNI 46 Cabang Perguruan Tinggi Bandung